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Our Horses



Ellie has become the queen of the herd. She keeps everyone in check; however, that does not prevent her from having fun and being one of the gang! She is a lively lady that is ready and willing to help you learn to be an excellent rider.


Larry is a draft cross who loves attention. He is calm and perfect for our beginning riders. He has experience as a pack horse and he was the official grand kids horse before he came to us. Larry was donated to Trotting Horse and we are extremely lucky to have him in our program.


Jack has come to Trotting Horse by way of Sandy and Bill Mytty of Lolo, MT. Jack had a successful rodeo career in team roping and now is settling in as our go to horse for our advanced riders who like to do Barrels and Poles. What makes Jack great, is he is also able to go on lead and carry our youngest riders as well.


Laddie was previously a part of the UM Equestrian Team, where he helped improve the riding skills and confidence of the UM team members. He is a 17 year old, gentle boy who loves to please. He is a willing participant at our facility, and also a favorite of the program.



Bill is used by the program on occasion and is a willing participant. He is a big boy with lots of patience and understanding for his athletes. He loves when he has the opportunity to step up and be in the middle of the action!

Jett is a lovely mature mare who knows she has a job and takes it seriously. She likes to be with people and is patient as can be. Don’t let her maturity fool you, she can still move out if that is what you want! We love having Jett on our team!



Horse, a 6 year old, brown and white paint, is new to our program and in training. He is being fed, loved and is proving himself daily. He loves to be with people, curious, and wants to be ready soon for the program.

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Trotting Horse Therapeutic Riding is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization dedicated to providing equine therapy and accessible equine activities to Montanans in need. All donations are deductible to the fullest extent of the law.

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Mr. Mudd, is a fine fellow. He is a quiet guy, but speaks loudly with his subtle eyes and ears. Mudd came to us as a rescue, and we are so happy to have him in our program. He is just a little larger than a pony, and can help his athletes become confident riders. Mudd is a favorite of all who meet him

Eddie is our second half draft to join the THTR Program. He came from years of packing, and even though his size over all is smaller than Larry, his heart and disposition are equal in all ways. Steady Eddie, has a comfortable roll as he walks and he loves to help his riders feel comfortable and gain confidence in the saddle.